How Your Accountant in Orlando FL is Helping Small Business

accountant in orlando fl looking over pond at city

Working with small businesses day in, and day out, your accountant is focused on taking care of business owners just like you. work closely with the accountant to make sure things are being taken care of in a timely manner. Accurately tracking and monitoring key performance indicators within your small business is critical to measuring […]

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Depreciation Calculator

What is depreciation? In accounting terms, depreciation represents the decrease in the value of assets over time. Assets such as cash or heavy equipment are likely to lose value over time due to market conditions, useful life, or other related situations. Understanding the depreciation of your assets can help you better prepare for your tax […]

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When is it Time To File as an LLC?

Many small businesses start out with their owners filing as a sole proprietorship, electing for tax simplicity and fewer requirements for sales tax compliance. This is attractive to many starting entrepreneurs in their journey to starting a side business or launching their own dream. There are, however, several drawbacks to a sole proprietorship, thus making […]

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