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The first step to business profitability is to know where the cash is going and where the time is being spent- all the ins and the outs. Because the way money flows in and out of your business and the way time is spent in your business has a direct impact on the longevity and the viability of your business. You can only get a good view of that with up-to-date bookkeeping processes and streamlined systems.

These systems and processes can be passion killers for some business owners, and for others it can just be a marginal activity that only gets attention once a year which can cause unnecessary concern and frustration, but with JTC CPAs, we can put the worry behind you and restore the passion and the vision with you, even if you have fallen behind.

Cash flow and profitability does not have to remain a mystery. Once we establish your base lines, we can develop a plan to get you to get you where you want to be- in terms of dollars and time. Your financial and lifestyle goals are unique to you and your hopes and dreams and your business.

Let JTC CPAs help you outline a plan to maximize your money and your time and get all the joy you deserve from running your own business. You take enough risk; let JTC CPAs help you minimize that risk with the proper cash flow and efficient time flow through thick and thin.

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With your goals in place, let JTC CPAs help you achieve them.

At JTC CPAs, we enjoy spending time with our clients and discussing how they can best achieve their goals. More than simple figures and statements, financial planning and business accounting helps give owners and managers the knowledge needed to chart a course for success.

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