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It is exciting to start your own company, but it can also be an overwhelming prospect. Let JTC CPAs help you get it right from the ground up, guiding you every step of the way.

With our many years of experience in accounting, we can help you set clear goals, and line out the steps necessary to achieve the success you envision. Your time is valuable, so let JTC CPAs and our team of bookkeeping professionals help you keep your books on track.


Some responsibilities you will have in business setup include:

  • Forming an entrepreneurial plan
  • Setting your budget goals
  • Determining your legal business name
  • Establishing separate business banking
  • Acquiring a website domain
  • Deciding who will do your bookkeeping

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Have all the right parts in place, and you take away the fear of tax filing. At JTC CPAs, we look forward to helping you succeed, as you make accurate decisions that are based on precise data from good bookkeeping practices.

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We provide business setup services for all industries, including

Consumer Business

Digital Marketing


Food & Beverage


Law Firm


Professional Services

Real Estate & Development

Technology & Innovation

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