Testimonials in the small business world are highly valued by their brands and the people behind them. When a customer or client endorses your product or service, it lets you know your company has delivered well. It’s important to keep in mind that as your company works to build your customer base, your clients and customers have the biggest influence in reaching new clients later down the road.

Oftentimes a client or customer will express appreciation in the form of a testimonial for a particular product or service they needed, and later recommend the same to their friends and family. This referral-based system is the lifeblood of your small business. Building awareness requires a level of trust between the client and your company. Thus, others will be more likely to trust your company because they trust their friends or family members. This multi-level relationship generates increased interest in the company and its products and services.

If you currently have a website for your small business, you should consider a testimonial page. Highlighting what your company has done and how it has helped your clients is a powerful tool in your online marketing campaign. Don’t be afraid to reach out to satisfied customers and ask them for their opinion, as this allows them an opportunity to share and helps you grow your business reputation both online and offline.

Implementing a testimonials page is both easy and cost-effective. It doesn’t take much time to reach out to satisfied customers, and if you have a web development team ready to go, making an addition to your site is usually an easy process. To save on time, write some of the content yourself, helping the web developers understand what you are looking for and how they can better represent your request for testimonials.

Don’t hesitate to speak with past clients and customers about their experiences. You can feature testimonials from those who have had a positive experience. For those clients and customers who don’t feel the same, you can learn from them and work to overcome the challenges you previously faced.

Author: Trent

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